We're supporting Katie Porter for Senate because her story is our story. 

From a young age, growing up in a rural farm town, Katie saw the devastating impact unchecked power could have on working families. When her towns only bank closed, families lost their farms. Katie has been fighting for working families even since. 

For over 30 years, California has had a tradition of sending strong powerful women to the US Senate. We know Katie will continue that tradition and deliver real progress on climate change, gun safety, equality, and making sure we have any economy that works for everyone. 

As a single mom in Irvine, Katie isn't just one of the most powerful women in government, she is our neighbor. She knows the challenges working families face. She is a proven fighter who wins. She's held the 5 biggest wall street banks accountable when they cheated California families. In Congress she provides a need voice for oversight against big tech and big pharma to ensure our families get a fair shot. 

In the US Senate shell never stop fighting for us.