We know Katie best. She's part of our community. Our kids share the same playgrounds. We buy groceries at the same Ralph’s. That’s why we are all in to send Katie to the Senate. We hope you’ll join us!

Who We Are

We are Katie's friends and neighbors.

At the epicenter of several of 2018’s most hotly contested Congressional races (and hotly contested primaries) we were lucky to see Katie up close. We saw her tenacity, her brilliance, her grit.

In Congress, we saw her hold powerful institutions accountable. We saw Katie — and her whiteboard — demystify complex problems and win fans across America. She took DC by storm and became a powerhouse progressive leader right in front of our eyes.

We know Katie will continue California's tradition of sending strong, smart, powerful women to the US Senate. We are all in to support her campaign and we hope you will be, too.

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WHITEBOARD was founded by Lara Horgan, the former Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County. Lara has been instrumental in Democratic gains across Orange County since 2018 including the historic events flipping 4 Orange County congressional districts. During her time as Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County, Democratic registration overtook Republican registration for the first time in history. Lara oversaw fundraising operations for the Democratic Party of Orange County's annual fundraising dinner and served on the National Finance Committee for Amy Klobuchar's Presidential campaign.

Lara has been one of Katie Porter's strongest supporters in Orange County since 2018 as a fundraiser and activist.